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How to Watch ALL Your Local NFL Games for Free

A little-known secret for NFL fans: you can watch every local team game for free, including games usually on cable!

All it takes is a digital over-the-air antenna. No bar tab or cable subscription required.

With a digital antenna, football aficionados across the country can pluck their local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC signals out of the sky for free.

Here's the kicker — You can get your local team's games free with a digital antenna even when they're televised on cable, like Monday Night Football or games on the NFL Network. While these games appear nationally on cable, they're also available live on local channels in the home towns of each team playing.

That means Houston and Cincinnati residents can watch the Texans play the Bengals on Thursday, Sept. 14 on their local NBC stations, while the rest of the country is watching on NFL Network.

For those keeping an eye on more than the hometown team, a digital antenna will deliver a dozen hours of NFL action every week. Folks who combine that with a live OTT service like Sling get even more live national NFL games each week.

Only AirTV Player integrates your local channels into your Sling experience for seamless access to football, including all your home team's games for free! So save your money for game day snacks, beverages and friendly wagers.

Local station availability over the air is dependent on geographic location, topography, and antenna specifications.