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AirTV Player introduces dual-tuner capability, allows users to watch and record local channels simultaneously
Dual-tuner adapter allows users to watch one local channel while recording another one or record two local shows simultaneously
AirTV Player + dual tuner adapter available today for $119
AirTV Player + single tuner adapter available for $99

Englewood, Colo., Sept. 26, 2018 — AirTV today introduced its first dual-tuner capability to AirTV Player, allowing users to watch and record two over-the-air (OTA) broadcast channels simultaneously. With the new dual-tuner adapter, AirTV Player users can watch one OTA channel while recording another, or record two OTA channels simultaneously through AirTV Player's Local Channels DVR. Available today, customers can purchase the new dual-tuner adapter for $29 or bundle the dual-tuner adapter with the AirTV Player for $119.

“We are committed to making it as easy as possible to view free local channels alongside other popular streaming content through our AirTV products,” said Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV. “Now, with the dual-tuner adapter, customers are able to watch their hometown team on a local channel while recording an episode of a popular show on a separate local channel, meaning they won't miss any of their favorite programming.”

AirTV Player, the 4K Android TV-based streaming media device that launched in January 2017, integrates Sling, Netflix, YouTube and thousands of apps from the Google Play Store with free local OTA channels on one platform. OTA channel integration requires an AirTV Adapter and an OTA antenna, each sold separately. Local channel availability depends on geographic location and antenna quality and placement. In February 2018, AirTV Player debuted its Local Channels DVR, allows users to record shows on free over-the-air broadcast channels (external USB hard drive or thumb drive required).

The AirTV Player with AirTV dual-tuner adapter bundle is available for $119 today at The new dual-tuner adapter can be paired with all AirTV Player generations for $29. Starting today, the AirTV Player with AirTV single-tuner adapter is available for $99. Additionally, the AirTV Player is $89. The AirTV Player adapters can only be paired with AirTV Players.

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AirTV L.L.C. provides products and services to simplify the modern over-the-air (OTA) entertainment experience. AirTV is home to the AirTV Player, an Android TV-based streaming device that combines leading streaming services like Sling, Netflix and YouTube with local OTA channels, and AirTV, a Wi-Fi-enabled device that streams local channels to iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV devices. AirTV also deploys a professional nationwide installation team that helps consumers connect high-definition TV OTA antennas in the home via AirTV Pro Install. Visit

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